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 All coilers:
    I have two questions.
 1.  Could someone explain to me what a "flyback" transformer is and how
 it differs from regular transformers and what it's good for that a
 regular transformer isn't.
 2.  Also, if there are any welders out there (i figured coilers are the
 type who know how to do things like heli-arc weld) if they could explain
 to me (off the list) why one doesn't normally get shocked by a heli-arc
 welding system when they touch the metal that is grounded with the clamp.

 Hi Brent,
Sometimes one does get shocked ----- In which case one throws the torch away 
The torch is well insulated -- in addition to its design wavelength ,I 

    The unloaded voltage of a welding machine can be considered lethal ---