Re: Electric bath? ... X-rays from light bulbs/Tesla Coils

>Original Poster: MikeTesla-at-aol-dot-com
>What would be a safe distance if any in a garage for clear incandescent
>bulbs, laser tubes, florescent tubes, hydrogen thyratron tubes??


I'm not sure there really is any safe distance from x-ray incandescents.
However, when I used to experiment, I used distance as my primary shield.  I
would be located roughly 100 yards from my  Tesla x-ray device observing the
results through a small telescope.  I'd also have a monitoring Geiger
counter with me, with the probe pointed toward the x-ray source at all
times.  I'd also make sure no one was within the range when the device was
energized.   I suppose lead shielding could also be used, but I tried it and
always had arcing problems.

Note that the aforementioned applied to my set-up, which was an incandescent
bulb energized by a small 50 Kv Tesla coil.  Other situations may require a
completely different type of shield.

John Bowers