Re: Electric bath? ... X-rays from light bulbs/Tesla Coils


  Your last comment is most important.  Only 10 minutes of exposure was 
enough to do serious permanent damage.
  I have a large assortment of flouroscopy pictures, literally in a staight 
line:  Tesla Coil/Rhumkorff Coil -> X-ray Tube -> Patient's body -> doctor's 
head, looking onto a flourescent screen.
  The doctor's heads were getting x-rayed -- and of course, NO lead 
protection, etc.
  And scarier yet was x-ray treatments that lasted, yes, 10 even 20 or 30 
minutes!!  And the mention of radiation burns, comparing them to suntans!!!

Scary stuff.  Yeah, I lit up a whole collection of antique bulbs with one of 
my "Violet Ray" machines.  Essentially a disruptive discharge Tesla Coil, 
output 50,000V 1/2 megahertz, nice 1" painless spark.
Oddly enough, the small [modern] 7 1/2 watt night-light/christmas candle 
bulbs, with calendabra bases produced the highest about of phosphorescence, 
and the filaments would also light up brightly, my guess here is due to 

Also, I have had high vacuum dewar flasks (no electrodes of course!) that 
produced similar effects, connected with nothing at all, or by aluminum tape 
for condenser effects.

Another weird effect I've noticed in some old bulbs is the lack of green 
phosphorescence but formation of "small white clouds" in the bulbs, 
sometimes with a white line resembling a "line of demarcation" (forget the 
exact term here, in dealing with Crookes tubes).

Again, these discharges are difficult to impossible to describe!!

I might get a few high frequency x-ray tubes made, with special anodes and 
cathodes [Crookes Tube ca. 1910 or so] but not vacuumed to the x-ray degree 
but perhaps a Geissler degree of vacuum.

Many Thanks,
Jeff Behary

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