its up and running

Hi all,

    just wanted to update yall on my present project. I recieved the
polepig from Dr Rez. and ( they look smaller when hanging on the pole)
tested it out with a Jacobs ladder first, impressive to say the least.
Any way....  I decided that the pig was way too big ( size wise)  so I
opened it up and took a look and wrote down the schematics...  I pulled
the switch out , hard wired the transformer, cut the can down to 18"
height and put it back together. The piggy is now 27" tall instead of
42" this is much nicer to look at and makes it alot easier to design a
case for now. I am using my 8 " secondary with the new transformer and
talk about impressive....    depending on the gap width , I get either
single Very strong streamer or multiple streamers that are very active.
I havent made any exact measures on streamer length but I would guess at
this point they are doing an easy 6 foot.
( and this is the low power setting on the welder) (( but in all
actuality I dont see much difference between hi and low power settings
)) what seems to be the main performance factor is the gap setting (
btw  is a single gap inside of a flattened PVC pipe more oval shaped...
with a shop vac attached to the bottom of the pipe  works great too )

I am working on a RSG and expect it to be finished in about a week  ...
its a 9.5" disc with the electrodes set at the 9" dia point. I plan to
spin it at 1725 rpm with 8 studs on it ...

QUESTION time ....      have any of you had any ideas or experiences
with combining the rotary and a RQG system????    If you have id like to
know what the results were before I put alot of time into building it.

and thats about it for the moment  Im gonna go play ;) ....

ohhhhh   btw    Dr. Rez ...   you are a god ..  ;)

Scot D