Could you please forward this to the List, as I have
received a few private mails, which I am unable to
answer at the moment.

(Sorry for the extra work ;o{ )


Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know (esp. those who have sent me
private mails), that I am presently unable to answer mails,
because I have decided to jump on the digital network
(telco) bandwagon. About a year ago, I upgraded to a
57.6KBaud modem. However, the transfer rate is still very
miserable (esp when it comes to downloading looooong
files in the 10+MB range) and the 57.6KBaud (V.90 standard)
is more of a "dream value" because this includes data
compression. So I have decided to upgrade to a digital
network with dual line (switching) capability. This will allow
me to download at 128kBaud w/o compression and up to
300Kbaud with digital compression. Plus, I have the option
to later upgrade this to 736Kbaud (thatīs ~100kBYTE per
SECOND!!). I just want to wait until this option becomes
less expensive. Things can NEVER be too fast ;o))

I hope to be back up on the 11th of this month (which is when
the system will be switched over from the telco). I have a bit
of rewiring to do (PC and phone lines) plus as I "know" my
computer systems (I used to work as a computer & network
technician), I also know that (usually) computers DONīT
do as they are supposed to ;o)). I will also need to program
the new unit (digital to analog converter) so that I can re-use
my old phone and fax equipment.

I CAN still receive emails, but I wonīt be able to pick them up
from my ISP until the 11th (a "dangerous" task on the Pupman
List, due to the number of daily mails ;o}}). As soon as I am
back online, I will start answering the mails pronto.

Thanks and as always,

Coiler greets from Germany,