Re: PCB Who?

That sounds right.  Many old x-ray transformers have it in them. I and every
x-ray service guy I've ever known have been covered in the stuff many times.
Some of these guys are now in their 60's and of the many I know, not one has
developed cancer or any other problem that might be related to PCBs.  I think
the governments risk assessment is over blown. Better safe than sorry. I'm not
advocating messing with the stuff, but I think it's a safe bet that you'll live
if you wash up good afterwards if you happen to get into some. :-)

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> Not so much a "thing" PCBs refer to a fire and oxidation retardant that was
> added to transformers in up to the 70's (I think, someone correct me)
> PCB is Poly-Chlorinated Biphenol - and the bad JuJu comes from the fact that
> they break down to dioxins if I recall correctly.
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> > Hi all,
> >          I was scouting around the other day trying to find a big
> > transformer for a future tesla coil and it turns out that i can probably
> > get 2 pole pigs for free :). Problem is that they are rather old and the
> > person I was talking to siad that they most likely contained PCB's. Ive
> > heard that PCB's are bad juju but I'm not really sure what they are. Is
> > there anyone who can explain just what a PCB is and what it could do to
> > me?
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> >                                                 Thanx Heaps
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