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> Original Poster: "Gary White" <wtdog-at-hotmail-dot-com> 
> I just got a 9Kv 30Ma transformer for my first coil.  My question is: What 
> size coil should I build?


What I would do is make the coil larger than needed, this way, the
coil  will also become your second coil, and you'll save some work, 
(unless you prefer more work) .  For instance you could make
the seconday 4" by 26" tall.  Such a coil can be upgraded using larger
caps and better spark gap, and larger transformers, and larger toroid,
to evenually get 65" sparks or more.  You could even use a 6" by 30"
secondary.  When I run my coil (6" by 23" secondary) using the 
NST xfrmer you mention, I get around 32" sparks or so.

John Freau