Re: Blumlein line?

The Blumlein configuration is a transmission line pulse generator that acts
as a voltage doubler. Most radar texts have a description. Basically, you
charge a transmission line up to a HV, then use a spark gap to break down
and short one end. The travelling wave propagates, hits the unterminated
end and reflects back with reverse polarity.  Simultaneously, you have
another transmission line, charged up, so when the reflected wave in one
line comes back, it can work against the other line to double the voltage.

These are very popular for nitrogen lasers, where the transmission line is
just a couple of parallel plates.

There is a nice web site around that has a nifty diagram of all these
transmission line pulse generators. Try searching for HV and "pulse
generator" and "transmission line"

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> Subject: Blumlein line?
> Date: Tuesday, August 31, 1999 9:14 PM
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> Hi:
> I remember seing mentions on this list to "Blumlein lines".
> Can someone point me a reference about this, or describe what
> is?
> Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz