Re: plate cap question?

    You shouldn't have any problem putting them all in the same tank as long
as each cap is properly insulated from the others. I personally would
construct each one separately "just in case" I don't know if you planing on
using a single sheet of 60mil poly, but using several thinner layers stacked
to 60 is stronger. All your specs look good. You could make your plates 12"
square and have 12 giving you a single cap with about 12.883nF. With 2 of
those in series you would get about 6.4415nF, but once the poly gets soaked
into the poly and it expands the value will probably go down a little. You
might want to add an extra plate or mak them a little bigger to account for
this. Having a cap that's a little to big is better then having a cap that's
smaller. My 12Kv 60mA coil runs better with 20nF then it does with 10nF or
Remember the cat is not a toroid,
> i was looking to build some plate caps this weekend. i was looking to
> get some input and to see if im heading in the right direction.
> 12k  30 ma nst, i need 6.6nf
> cap specs:
> plate
> alum flashing 8x12=96sq.in.
> # of plates-9
> dialect
> Polyethylene
>  mil- 60
> estimated capacitance nf
> 6.307nf
> 2 strings in series = 3.15nf then parallel them 6.307nf
> Capacitance (in picofarads) = (0.224 KA / d) (N-1)
> another thing is i wanted to know if i can series\parallel in the same
> tank of oil, or make 2 tanks each tank will be 3.15nf and parallel the
> tanks? :-)
> thanks in advance
> art