Re: FW: Remote Tuned Primary (RTP) ideas...

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> Original Poster: Dale Hall <Dale.Hall-at-trw-dot-com>
> 1.) How about a 1000/2000pF motor driven vacuum variable, +- 1000pF should
> provide good range around a viable tap.
> encl: pict of representative motor driven unit (higher C & V's available)
> The TRW swapmeet always has a selection, priced anywhere from ~$30 to about
> $300
> (last Sat of every month, next one is tomorrow -
> want me to look for you ?
> 2.) or How about making an oil emersed motor driven variable Cap - start
> with a big transmitting variable cap, add poly to multiply capacitance ?
> (in place of oil emersed relay switch matrix - advantage of "analog"
> resolution)
> Xmtg variables also frequently avail at TRW radio club/electronics swapmeet.
> Regards, Dale
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> Subject: Remote Tuned Primary (RTP) ideas...
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> Hi All,
>         One of my new projects (one of a zillion I have planned for the cold
> months ;-)) is to make a remote primary tuning device. 

	I'd recommend a string-driven roller coil as a simpler device without
potential voltage breakdown problems.  I'm using one out of an old
"Command Transmitter" which works quite well.  (Similar gadtets should
be available at TRW.)  Mounted it to a board and wrapped some 1/8" nylon
cord around the outside.  Can tune it from several feet away and the
whole project only took about an hour!