Re: Terry's remote tuning idea

     How about using some sort of sliding primary tap setup, where a 
     remotely operated arm slides the tap along the primary winding to the 
     new setting, making your primary into a big variac?
     you could make the outer edge of the primary cabinet rotatable.  A 
     static arm extends inward, across the primary windings.  The static 
     arm has a roller track on it, and mounted downward from the roller 
     track is the primary tap.  Assuming you've carefully constructed your 
     primary supports so the moveable tap won't run into them, you simply 
     rotate the outer race with a low rpm gearmotor, and the tap should 
     follow the primary windings to whatever tuning position you want.  But 
     would it interfere with primary/secondary coupling to have an arm 
     extending over the primary?
     Or you could make the tap static, and rotate the entire primary:) that 
     would look cool. . . . 
     just runnin' the mouth.

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Subject: Re: Terry's remote tuning idea
Author:  Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> at InterNet
Date:    10/28/99 10:00 PM

Original Poster: "R.E.Burnett" <R.E.Burnett-at-newcastle.ac.uk> 
Hi Terry, all,
I think changing tap on the primary would be the "most-desirable" way 
of changing primary tune from a scientific point of view.  This is 
because it does not effect the power transfer process between the 
rotary and the tank capacitors.  I guess that changing primary tap
is just not a practical option,  since contactors would have to 
switch the full primary current ?