Re: Capacitor dielectric

I suspect that you have the correct plastic there. Polyethelene is commonly
used in
bags and ground sheeting here in the US as well. They probably spelled it
for some reason. Many folks here have use the ground sheeting to make caps
that work
quite well. A brand name here is "Visqueen" or something like that. I
probably spelled
it wrong, but it should be close. ;) Just make sure it's a milky white with
as little
impurity as possible. Apparently the colored ones sometimes use carbon
compounds which
are conductive. ;)


Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Michael Thomson" <miketz-at-cqnet-dot-com.au>
> Hi folks.
>         I am building my first coil, but have two major stumbling blocks
I need to
> get over.
> One is the capacitor dielectric. Polyethylene is supposed to be pretty
> good, and cheap and easily obtainable. Unfortunately Polyethylene is not
> easy to find and not cheap here in Australia.  Polythene, however is easily
> found and cheap. (bags, ground sheeting etc) Although there are
> structural/manufacturing differences between the two, can they be used
> interchangably?
> Regards,
> MichaelT