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> << Let us consider behavior of smooth sphere excited
> by
> > TC h.f wave form.Let sharp point be added at one
> side
> > of sphere to allow issuing of spark.Let be
> considered
> > only single pulse mode.Let diameter of  sphere be
> > 10".When voltage on sphere reaches 300-350 KV
> sphere
> > should discharge in all directions in air,not only
> > through already formed sharp point path judging by
> > experiments of the same sphere without sharp point
> > added.However,it proceeds to discharge through
> sharp
> > point path despite voltages of 400 KV or more.At
> last
> > when voltage in the order of 500 KV is reached 
> Boris,
> You've measured these voltages of 400 to 500kV on
> the sphere while
> the sparks are emitting from the sharp point?  I
> thought perhaps the
> streamers from the point would load down the voltage
> and prevent it
> from going that high, and might even reduce the
> voltage to 150kV or so?
> Just a thought,
> John Freau
> ---

 No I havent but such system I'm sure can be
arranged(the coil itself must than have significant
self capacity by itself).Consider for example Tesla's
CS extra coil system with 18' sphere with wire
adjanced.What do you think Max voltage Tesla could
developed in that case?...If that make you easier you
can imagine that sphere is smooth everywhere but
sparking beggins in the black box..



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