Re: Capacitor dielectric

                  in regards to "polythene" and Polyethylene   in
I have not heard of such a material before (at least in N.A.) and I suspect
polythene is some type of trade specific call out. i would venture it is
some form of Polyethylene.........
lldpe,,ldpe,mwpe,hdpe,vhmw,uhmw.......the higher the 
molecular weight the better the  physical & electrical properties for the
various "grades" of Polyethylene.  Avoid colors(especially black=carbon )
and recycled/reground types........ natural virgin material will be
clear-ish (LDPE) to solid milk white (HDPE and up). 
good luck!
Robert  Cressler

ps you can also contact: Poly Hi Solidur Aus.
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                                        800.677.674 or 02.979.6377