Re: Remote Tuned Primary (RTP) ideas...

    How about this idea, wind a Tesla coil with three main windings using a
standard primary, A mutual inductive control secondary, and an output

    Since, the inductance of the input of a transformer is dependant on the
load of the secondary, and a result of the actual shared inductance of the
two coils, placing control coil between the primary, and the secondary will
set into play a loaded secondary, and an output secondary.  This I am sure
can be done at the level of the primary itself, and a load on it from open
to short will control the inductance of the primary, and ever so slightly
the inductance of the stepped up output.

    Now, if you look at transformer, the inductance of the primary, or
reflected impedance is dependant on a couple of factors.  One the output
frequency is high enough to place the load on the coil before the resonant
frequency is found.  Then select the capacitor for resonance at that
frequency.  Now, considering you seem to stick with a spark gap, the circuit
should ring at that frequency.  This means that when you change the load on
the winding that is wound parallel geometrically to the spiral wound
primary, it should change the resonant frequency on a arc per arc basis.  In
a sense you will be drawing power away from the primary but, if the
impedance of the pot you use is high enough, the power loss will be nominal,
and there will be some frequency control.

    How's that for an idea?