I haven't seen my previous post yet but I thought I'd update
anyway...... The smoking gap problem reported in "Third Light" turned
out to be tracking accross the PVC pipe of the RQ gap - its a
"roll-over" gap. more bad ASCII.......

HV       HV
===    ===        /\
===    ===       |  |
=== TT ===       |  |
===    ===       |  |
==========       |  |
_________________ \/

Tracking at TT. possibly due to some residual contamination of the PVC
surface. made a right mess. Cleaned it all up and varnished over the
mess with Polyurethane varnish. To top it all my new variac started
turning to smoke when i tested the repaired gap :-( Made another repair,
hope its all OK now, test tomorrow.

Now its time to beg. Anyone with a decent variac (>10A) for sale in the
UK whose coming to Cambridge, you've got a buyer. Please bring it along
and we'll do a deal.

I would also welcome any advice on current limiting for my tranny. My
effort at using a similar variac for current limiting haven't seemed to
work. PFC's could be the way forward? The tranny is 240 \  25KV, don't
know current rating but its too heavy to pick up with one hand (mind
you, I'm a weakling).


Steve crawshaw

"Better living through smoking"

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