FAQ Submissions.

To everyone working on articles for the FAQ,

Please send your submissions directly to me via FTP upload. I will then
update the web space to link to your submissions. If you cannot FTP for
some reason, you can use Email attachments, however, if it gets big my
ISP will strip the attachment and I won't get it. Please use FTP if you
are able. Please note, while you can upload to me with FTP, you will not
be able to view the directory listing or download the files from that
directory. This is by design. Just send it, unless you get an error from
the FTP program, it worked.

FTP Server: ftp.xmission-dot-com
FTP Directory: /pub/users/b/bigboss/incoming

Use anonymous connections. If your program asks you to specify a
username/password, use "anonymous" for the username and your email
address for the password.

The web space is located at:


Thank you,

Travis Tabbal

Note to the Moderator: I intend to repost this occasionally, please let
me know if that's a problem.