Re: [FAQ]

Hi Travis, All,
                   I agree that ascii art is not the best.  However it does 
make life a hell of a lot simpler for all concerned.  As browser standards 
change and god knows what else the html wil outdate.  I know all this stuff 
is supposed to be backward compatible but I had to re-code most of my site 
with the coming of IE5 and whose's to say that IE6 won't be the same.  As 
most tesla coil cicuits are simple to say the least I don't see any need to 
make life harder than It has to be.
Ascii art also has the advantage of being compact so that those of use with 
limited Internet access can still get our files fast - bear in mind this 
thing is gonna be the best part of 200 pages long if its all done throughly.
If we agree that the text editor is the lowest common denominator - notepad - 
then this saves lots of messing around with fonts etc.  Which really would 
screw up ascii art.

Nick Field