Re: [FAQ]


I'll be working on Prefface and Chapter1 as I mentioned earlier (with list
you probably didn't get it before sending this).

I'll also be going through some of the existing documents and seeing if we can
include them in the FAQ as various chapters. I figgure that would be better and
save a lot of work in the process. For example, RQ's document on the TCBOR
gap is
a good candidate.


Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: NickandSim-at-aol-dot-com
> Hi Ralph, All,
>                     post to me as the list engine is gonna die if we send out
> thousands (literally) of 20k long emails.
> These are the sections that still need to be written.  If any of you want to
> co-write them then feel free to make your own arrangements.
> Preface - ?
> 1-?
> 2-?
> 3-Nick Field
> 4-?
> 5-?
> 6-?
> 7-?
> 8-Nick Field
> 9-?
> 10-?
> 11-Ralph Zekelman