Re: [FAQ]

>             I think that doing that before we've agreed whose writing what 
>etc. is likely to lead to all of us getting snowed under with 15K long 
>emails.  We should delagate all the sections then stick them together and 
>post them to a site so that people can review the result and suggest 

>This is the structure of the file as suggested by Chip.  

>I'd be happy to do th final assembly of all the chapters so if once we've 
>finished the individual bits we all mail them to me (nickandsim-at-aol-dot-com)
>put them together and post them to my site.  As this FAQ is bound to
>quite some traffic we might also want to set up mirrors.
>Fill In the blanks Guys
>Nick Field

Maybe there should be another part for practical notes (Best ways to do
conical primaries, unpotting neons, tips on building caps, how to
_implement_ safety, other working experiences of other people to answer
posts like "OK, got theory etc bit of faq down pat but I cant figure out
how to wind the d*mn 2ndary without being bored as hell!")