Press Release

kVA Effects installs the world's largest inverted Tesla coil.

October 17, 1999 - For Immediate Release

Denver, Colorado - kVA Effects, the leader in high voltage
special effects for TV, film and theater, recently built and
installed the World's largest inverted Tesla coil at the Pepsi
Center in Denver Colorado. The Tesla coil is part of a
"simulated mountain storm" theatrical display used to kick
off Colorado Avalanche Hockey games.

A Tesla coil is a special effects device used to create
lightning like displays of high voltage electricity. Made
famous during the 1930's due to their use in Frankenstein
films, Tesla coils are used today in a variety of live
entertainment applications. Torrance California based
kVA Effects is the nation's leader in high voltage theatrical
displays with dozens of credits involving complex and
electronically dense stage environments. Information on
kVA Effects can be found on their web site at
www.teslacoil-dot-com .

The Pepsi Center is home to the Denver Nuggets NBA
Basketball team and the Colorado Avalanche NHL Hockey
team, and is one of the nation's newest and most
technologically advanced sporting facilities. The addition
of the simulated mountain storm theatrical display adds an
incredible new dimension in fan entertainment. "As if
Avalanche Hockey isn't exciting enough, bringing this type
of over-the-top special effect to a [pre-game show] is going
to give fans a truly outrageous experience" says kVA Effects
director Jeff Parisse.

Information on the Pepsi Center or the Colorado Avalanche
can be found at www.pepsicenter-dot-com .