Re: Tesla FAQ issue

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<< John and all,
> At this stage there's substantially more information available about how
> efficient TC's can be made, and I suspect there's also much better
> agreement about the theoretical aspects as well. There's certainly a lot
> of practical coil-building information that's available. As a starting
> point, I also recommend that we review Fr. Tom's document and update it
> where necessary. If there are certain areas that are not fully
> understood or where experimental evidence supports differing viewpoints
> (I'd suspect this would occur only in the more advanced areas), let's
 >simply simply acknowledge that. 

Bert, all,

What you say Bert is all very true.  Your many TC postings from the past
are also extremely valuable, well written, and clear.  I spoke about
Fr. Tom's work because he was specially working on the "Guide" as he
called it.  Of course a multitude of folks have written important and
excellent posts to the list over the years.

Someone mentioned gearing the FAQ towards the construction of
a specific TC design.  I like this idea, but the problem is that a 
builder might not be able to find the exact components.  To solve this
problem, plans for a number of differing TC designs could be presented,
along with the basic theory for those who want it, or want to build their
own TC design from scratch.

John Freau
> I'm willing to volunteer some quality time in this effort, and I know
> there are others on the list who will as well. We DO need a FAQ that we
> can point new coilers toward!

> -- Bert --