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Here is how I reduced the weight of my pig from 281 pounds down to 191


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Hi all

At the moment I`m building a new tank for our pole pig so that we can
try and reduce the overall weight from 380lbs down to a weight that we
can at least move.

I`v allowed 2cm from the coils to the tank walls and 2cm from the core
top and bottom to the tank.

Q-When the tank is refilled with oil do I need to compleatly cover the
transformer core or will it be OK just to cover up the coil windings
with about 2cm of oil.

Q-What would be the best way to terminate the unused tap points.
I thought about cutting them off about 4cm from the coils and then
putting some heat srink plastic over the ends and leave them submerged
in the oil.

Many thank in advance
Mike Tucknott(from pigs to chops)    
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