new coil?

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>Now I have
>wound a secondary (4.5" pvc former) with 1000 turns of 26awg (actually
>nice silver plated Kynar insulated). Problem is how much power can I put
Richard Hull used a similar coil in a magnifier at 9kW to throw 11 foot
The problem though is that at that high powers it takes heroic efforts to
arcs shorting out the coil. I've used a similar coil 2ft winding of 0.4mm
wire at
2.5kW (4 foot arcs).

> I can easily build a solid state driver of several hundred kVA.
Do you mean several hundred VA or kVA - I suspect the former.

>Second question has anyone any experience of paralleling power FETs, as I
>a supply of IRF530s, which in short duty pulse applications can handle

Yes they parellel quite nicely but you need sufficent drive current.
>If so are there any special precautions I need to take?<
Also at these large currents its very easy to generate hi-voltage spikes,
you need either fast fat diodes to take the spikes to the rails or a
There's some stuff about this on my web page:

Have fun

Alan Sharp (UK)