FW: Save Wardencliffe!

	If you have the time, fill out the petition.  It is only your name and only
takes a minute.  Besides the petition, there is also a wardencliffe
restoration fund out there too.  I'm all for it,

-Andy C.

>As you may know, Tesla's Wardencliffe laboratory has been terribly
>mistreated. Toxic waste was dumped there by AGFA photo, and the site
>has been declared off-limits. This troubled me, and I was promped to
>start a petition to AGFA photo to save Wardencliffe. You may visit my
>web site and you will easily be able to read about it and sign it (It
>pops up if you have JavaScript and a link to it is in the sidebar). I
>highly encourage you to sign it and tell everybody you know about the
>petition. It only takes a second to help save Tesla's lab!
>	-XXXXXX (Name removed by author's request)
>	(http://www.highvoltage.8m-dot-com)

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