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Hi Travis 
             I think that doing that before we've agreed whose writing what 
etc. is likely to lead to all of us getting snowed under with 15K long 
emails.  We should delagate all the sections then stick them together and 
post them to a site so that people can review the result and suggest 

This is the structure of the file as suggested by Chip.  

>>>>>> snip
Preface: What this document will tell you
Chapter 1: What is a Tesla Coil?
Topics: (Basic info, what it is, what it does, schematic, parts list)
Simple discussion of the following, assume the reader doesn't know anything 
electricity. Not much detail, just enough to understand the rest of the doc:


Chapter 2: RF Grounds
Chapter 3: Power supply
Ignition Coil
Pole Pig
Line Filters

Chapter 4: Transformer Protection Circuit
Mostly for NST protection..... Saftey gaps, filter circuits, etc.

Chapter 5: Primary Tank Cap
Talk about dielectric types, different kinds of caps, MMC, discuss the 
cap for the target design.

Chapter 6: Primary Spark Gap
Again, types, construction styles, static, static series, rotory 
and the refference design

Chapter 7: Primary Coil
Hellical, Conical, Flat Spiral

Chapter 8: Secondary Coil
H/D Ratios, wire size, # of turns, construction tips, materials, preperation
(drying, sealing, etc.)

Chapter 9: Discharge Terminal
Types, construction, calcs for cap value...

Chapter 10: Tuning
What is tune? how to tune, using a temporary primary to learn the tune point, 
cap value, primary and secondary turns, and topload value effect tune..

Chapter 11+: Special topics
higher power, magnifier theroy, ballasting, RF interference, dealing with 
neighbors, solid state, tube, etc.

math, formulas, computer programs to help design coils, supplier lists, web
sites, the tesla list, anything else that would make good refference info.

I have voluteered to do the power supply and secondary sections.

So far this gives us:
Preface - ?
3-Nick Field
8-Nick Field

I'd be happy to do th final assembly of all the chapters so if once we've 
finished the individual bits we all mail them to me (nickandsim-at-aol-dot-com) I'll 
put them together and post them to my site.  As this FAQ is bound to generate 
quite some traffic we might also want to set up mirrors.

Fill In the blanks Guys
Nick Field

Original Poster: Travis Tabbal <bigboss-at-xmission-dot-com> 

Go for it. Since we're doing this on the list just post what you write
up and we can all discuss it.


Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: Bryan St <warp27-at-juno-dot-com>
> Hey guys
> I can help with the special topics, specifically ballasting, RF
> interference and alternative HV power supplys.
> Bryan
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