Re: Tesla FAQ issue

John and all,

At this stage there's substantially more information available about how
efficient TC's can be made, and I suspect there's also much better
agreement about the theoretical aspects as well. There's certainly a lot
of practical coil-building information that's available. As a starting
point, I also recommend that we review Fr. Tom's document and update it
where necessary. If there are certain areas that are not fully
understood or where experimental evidence supports differing viewpoints
(I'd suspect this would occur only in the more advanced areas), let's
simply simply acknowledge that. 

I'm willing to volunteer some quality time in this effort, and I know
there are others on the list who will as well. We DO need a FAQ that we
can point new coilers toward!

-- Bert --

Tesla List wrote:
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> In a message dated 99-10-14 18:34:58 EDT, you write:
> << Didn't Fr. Tom do something like this in the past? An up to date faq with
> > MMC, Synchronous gaps, updated RF filters for neons, maybe even Tube coil
> > and solid state coil basics? And the like, would indeed be useful too all
> > newcomers. And perhaps cut down on some of the redundant chatter...
> > Regards,
> > David Trimmell >>
> David, all,
> Yes, Fr. Tom wrote an EXTENSIVE write up about general coil
> construction, and covered all the catagories.  He may have written
> 60 pages or so.  I advise anyone who
> is interested in the FAQ issue to first read Fr. Tom's work, before
> you do any writing.  Save yourself a ton (like 3 months) of work and
> writing!  Some updating regarding sync gaps, and LTR caps, MMC
> etc, will be needed.
> I don't know if his work is posted somewhere?  Probably someone
> on the list has a copy of it?  I don't think the work was ever fully
> because of issues that arose that could not be agreed on as the work
> began to go beyond the basics.  If I remember correctly, even the basics
> were not agreed upon.  It's impossible to get a consensus among 500
> TC folks.    :)   In any case he's a gifted writer and makes things crystal
> clear for all newbies and oldbies.
> John Freau