Re: Ozone filters/absorbers (fwd)

    In a reacent run with Mike Tucknotts coil in my small garage, we managed to
build up the ozone level to something quite dangerous, I was ill for days
afterwards. Since then I purchased a set of half mask respirators from RS along
with ozone filters, cost about 15 for the mask, and 40 for 10 sets of filters
( each is good for one day of coiling, but can't be reused ).
    They are incredibly effective, the ozone level can be high enough to make
you choke without the masks, and with them you can't even smell it.


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> I note that my laserjet III  printer has some sort of replaceable ozone
> filter in it (nominal life is 50K pages, but it's probably a "power on
> hours" factor as well). The filter obviously works (my printer reeks of
> ozone now, and didn't when it was new)...
> What are these filters made of? (activated charcoal?)
> Where does one get them? How much do they cost? (in large sizes)
> Wouldn't something like this be helpful in the TC lab (or garage, or
> whatever) to get rid of the obnoxious ozone, which we all know isn't
> healthy, either for us or for rubber parts. Sure, the ozone has some minimal
> germicidal effect, but I'd really rather get rid of it all..
> Even if you were to adapt one of the small  laser printer units into a RQ
> style "blown static gap" it might help.

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