Re: Tesla FAQ issue

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<< Didn't Fr. Tom do something like this in the past? An up to date faq with
> MMC, Synchronous gaps, updated RF filters for neons, maybe even Tube coil
> and solid state coil basics? And the like, would indeed be useful too all
> newcomers. And perhaps cut down on some of the redundant chatter...
> Regards,
> David Trimmell >>

David, all,

Yes, Fr. Tom wrote an EXTENSIVE write up about general coil 
construction, and covered all the catagories.  He may have written
60 pages or so.  I advise anyone who
is interested in the FAQ issue to first read Fr. Tom's work, before
you do any writing.  Save yourself a ton (like 3 months) of work and 
writing!  Some updating regarding sync gaps, and LTR caps, MMC
etc, will be needed.

I don't know if his work is posted somewhere?  Probably someone
on the list has a copy of it?  I don't think the work was ever fully completed
because of issues that arose that could not be agreed on as the work
began to go beyond the basics.  If I remember correctly, even the basics
were not agreed upon.  It's impossible to get a consensus among 500
TC folks.    :)   In any case he's a gifted writer and makes things crystal
clear for all newbies and oldbies.

John Freau