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> This all makes me remember an idea I once had:
> why not cut two large cones of wood on a lathe, center bored to allow a
> 3/8" bolt stock to thread into it, and use them as endpieces for all form
> sizes? One could concievable thread the boltstock through one, through
> the PVC and then screw on the other cone. Throw on some lockwashers and
> two nuts, and rig bearings for each end of the boltstock?
> This idea may have a few kinks in it, but I see nothing that couldn;t be
> smoothed out.
> Grayson Dietrich

	I've been using such a winder for at least 25 years.  The axle is only
30" long, which makes it a bit flexible, but works fine.  I normally use
a hand crank for coils of up to around 1000 turns, because I can stop
turning instantly if anything goes wrong.  I keep a number of pre-cut
pieces of masking tape handy to secure turns when I stop.  I have also
used a speed-controlled electric drill, but think the hand winding is