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Hi Ralph,
    TCBOR gap.  Consists of multiple gaps composed of short sections
of copper pipe placed parallel to each other and spaced roughly a
millimeter apart.  The pipes are arranged within, and parallel to the
axis of,  a larger PVC or other suitable insulating pipe.  The pipes
are usually attached to the inside wall with screws.  The screws
protrude radially outside of the larger tube to provide multiple taps
for various operating voltages.  A fan covers one end of the large
pipe.  This cools the pipe gaps.  There are many pictures of this gap
on web sites of the Tesla web ring.

    The evolution of this gap from Tesla's multiple ball gap can be
seen on the early TCBOR video tape records.  Richard Quick became
aware of the TCBOR group's work at a later time, as shown on the TCBOR
video tape records.  Richard Quick's description of the gap can be
found at several Tesla web ring sites.

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> Hi all,
> Another stupid question:
> What is a RQ spark gap?
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