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Hi Ryan,
    Have you been here:  http://www.staff.ncl.ac.uk/r.e.burnett/  ?

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> Hey, I have been searching the web relentlessly for information on
> coils for about a week now.  What I have found, basically, is that
there is
> no common set of plans, but you pretty have to create your own.  I
can do
> that, but I just don't know the basic construction.  Things like how
> primary is connected to the secondary. (Or does it just spark
through the
> air? How is the secondary grounded?)  Things like that.  I'd love to
> even the most basic information that you could provide.  I am
astounded by
> these Tesla coils, and am very excited to learn about them.  Thanks
> anyone that will share their knowledge.
> Thanks,
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