Seacor Capacitor Buy (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1999 16:37:12 -0400
From: Aric_C_Rothman-at-email.whirlpool-dot-com
To: Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>, acr-at-infinet-dot-com
Subject: Seacor Capacitor Buy

     So far, people have expressed interest in a group purchase of 830 of 
     the Seacor capacitors, so it looks like it's a go.
     The distributor wants payment by check, so I will need to receive 
     cashier's checks or money orders from those who are interested between 
     the time the order is made and the payment is sent to the distributor.
     I will not cash any of the cashier's checks or money orders until the 
     lump payment to the distributor is made.
     To all those who have already expressed interest in purchasing these 
     capacitors, and those who have yet to reply, please send me (off list) 
     the following information:
     * The exact number of capacitors you want
     * Your phone number
     * Your shipping address (with ZIP/Postal code)
     I will accept orders from the list until October 18, then I will 
     submit the order to the distributor.
     Again, the price is $0.79 each for 0.047uF, 1600 VDC polypropylene 
     pulse caps from Seacor.  I will reply to each off-list order with a 
     total price, including the shipping charge to your ZIP (mine is 45432) 
     via UPS.  I will include in my reply my home phone number and address.
     If any of the most learned among us has reviewed the specs. for this 
     capacitor and find it wanting for use in an MMC, please alert me/us to 
     that fact.  I don't want to set people up with capacitors that will 
     not do the job.  Again, the specification can be found at the 
     following URL:
     I will put an image of the quote on my web site for everyone's review.
     Aric Rothman