a few questions for the list

Hi everyone
4 questions:
1. If you resistively ballast a pole pig, won't this lower the effective
voltage drop across your pig?  And if you have less voltage drop won't
that lower the output voltage?  I was thinking that for ballasting it
would be more efficient to use a isolation transformer.

2.  For a solid state low power 7kvrms input TC does anybody know a
soucre for high voltage semiconductors (preferably MOSFETS)? 

3.  I recently acquired a sheet of glass 80 microns thick.  I have about
100sqcm of space I could use for a plate capacitor on it.  I have
calculated it's capacitance to be around 7-11nf.  Would this make a good
cap dielectric for the above mentioned TC?

4.  What is the power efficiency for your TC?

Thanks guys
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