Re: replies to "pigs and other novice questions"

Thanks for the clarification on current limiting pigs.  The secondary peak 
current (when the spark gap fires) gets reflected back into the primary and 
makes the neighbor's lights dim (or worse).  Gotcha.

Thanks also for help on first TC attempt.  I will try suggestions and report 

Note To: Travis Tabbal <bigboss-at-xmission-dot-com> 
 SCRs usually don't like inductive loads. Most SCRs I've seen would fry
 attempting to drive a transformer. Some coilers have tried to use light 
dimmers as a cheap
 variac, those use SCRs to control the output, and most of those units fail.
Not that I'm one to argue (yea right), but SCR's are used in all sorts of big 
hairy inductive things.  I have personal experience with 40KW inverters (by 
LaMarche) that came out with a new design using triacs.  When the triacs 
fried for the third time from the start-up surges from our printers, they 
went back to the reliable and virtually indestructible SCR's from the 
previous design.  Also, I have some "surplus" SCR's from a rope-weaving 
factory where they were used to control 10 and 20 HP motors.  Maybe they 
included quenching circuitry or something to protect the SCR's that's not on 
your usual light dimmer.  But it sounds like that's not the idea of current 
limiting anyway.