Re: what is a pig

Perhaps a more comprehensive answer is that it steps primary distribution
voltage down to secondary distribution voltage.  Primary distribution
voltage these days is as high as 34 kv phase to phase, and 19 kv phase to
ground.  However most distribution voltages are a nominal 13 kv but 7 kv
down to 2.4 kv are still used.  Secondary  distribution voltages are usually
a nominal 110 and 220 but 480 is found in office building risers and in
factories.   The transformer works both ways.  Put energy in at the
secondary distribution voltage and it will come out the other end at primary
distribution voltage, just right for your Tesla coil.  Wallace Edward Brand

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> > what is a pig?
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> It's a rather small animal, normally stands about two feet tall,
> quadraped.  Certain varieties are known to get to a weight over 200
> pounds.  Most frequently kept as livestock and used for it's meat
> production.
> A pole pig, however, is a power line transformer.  Steps the 14.4kv line
> voltage down to 220v.  Used quite frequently to power tesla coils, upping
> 220v to 14.4kv.  TTYL!
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