cardboard secondary update

The 2ndary coil made out of a cardboard tube is 90% finished and is looking 
Spraying the inside of the tube with a mixture of oil and water was not 
Only a hot water spray is needed to soften the cardboard and then rip it out 
with your
hands. (It might be hard to do this with long or small dia tubes that you 
can't get to the center of with your whole arm.) After removing all the 
cardboard it was easy to expose the wire by peeling the cheap-stick poly tape 
from inside of the barrel and then painting 4 layers of epoxy paint over the 
wire. Next the brass sheet plate was soldered to the pounded flat wire end of 
the 2ndary and then fiberglassed to the inside of the tube. I used a sphere 
to make a fiberglass concave end for the coil base. This really stiffened the 
whole tube up very nicely. Also made the pri-coil to fit into the tube base 
since it has been said that fat 2ndary's like this have SELF-STRIKE problems. 
The primary is 16.75 turns of brass strap 1.2 inches high and is
only 9.9 inches in dia. Time will tell if this is enough turns!
Safe coiling to all.
Denis Despins