New (surplus) 10KV 100nf (0.1ufd) Low ESR Capacitors Available

	I now have in hand a small number of new (commercial) 100nf and
90nf reconstituted mica, low effective series resistance (ESR)
capacitors (0.1 and 0.09ufd) rated for 10KVDC.

These are caps that were intended for a very large laser discharge
system (the company closed).  The caps are very impressive in
performance and small size.  I've run them in my TC both DC and AC
from a 2parallel+2series (20kv) up to 5-in-series (50KVDC) arrangement
at 2KW continuous with no problems of any kind.

These puppies go for $250.00 each new in 100+ volume.

I have full detailed specs coming, but in summary:

    Values:  0.100uFd and 0.090uFd +/-2% (non polarized)
   Voltage:  10,000VDC (7,000VAC)
  Datecode:  1997 and 1998
      Temp:  -55C to +125C
Continuous:  5.0A RMS (that's 35kw!)
   Impulse:  4,000A peak

      Size:  4.75" wide x 2.0" thick x 5.5" tall
    Weight:  ~3.6 lbs (1565gms)
     Color:  green and a few blue

 Connector:  2ea Brass strips 3.25" long x .2" wide with 3ea 8/32 holes

Discharge time is extremely fast, in a 4-in-series circuit RSG driven
primary on the order of 100 to 200 microseconds (~5kHz).

These are available now at the following prices:
1 piece price:  $50.00 each
    3 or more:  $40.00 each

Pictures are here:
and here (in a functional test setup):

If you are interested or need additional information, please
contact me directly by email.

Shipping charges need to be added in, so use the UPS estimate
from my zip code (95123) to yours for a 4 lb package (per capacitor).

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