Tube TC plate/grid coils

Hello, all

I've been thinking, and have a few questions. 

For adjusting the tank circuit in a tube TC, varying the inductance of
the plate coil is one way to accomplish this, right? I know that changing
the capacitance is the usual way to go, but what if the plate coil were
split into two sections, the distance between which being adjustable? The
inductance  could then be easily adjusted through changes in the mutual
inductance, right?

I've heard that it is best to keep the same number of turns in both the
plate and grid coils, so perhaps two sections of grid coil could be used
as well, perhaps have twp pairs of coils, where the top set of a grid and
plate coil would be fixed demensionally to each other, and the same with
the bottom set, so the inductance would remain the same (?)

Also, would allowing the distance between the grid coil and the plate
coil to be adjustable have an effect similar to adjusting the grid-leak


Grayson Dietrich

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