Re: Lightning vs. Tesla Coil Discharges

> Raw TC discharges appear to be in the 100k ohm
> range.
> Capacitor boosted TC discharges are considerably
> lower
> in impedance, usually less than 10 ohms.

Greetings Greg,
Glad you are back.
Raw discharge :Is that term refers condition of Tc arc
connecting grounded point?
If so, 100 kohms for power arc path here seems to too
high UMHO-(it appears to be nothing less than typical
TC corona impedance). 
Without messing up with complicated transients of
channel attaching to ground current may be always
expressed as I=U/Z.Therefore current in the hit object
shouldn't be higher than 10,20 A.
On the other hand D.Hall, Terry,T.Bosanac and some
others have measured peak currents of ground
discharges in the order of 100 ,200 ...sometimes over
1000A. yielding Zarc~1kohm and eventualy less.

I know ,on the other hand, that you work with giant TC
systems and certain phenomena can be quite different
from phenomena at smaller systems (for instance an
electrical phase angle between TC voltage and corona
Associating all this I'd like you to be more specific
about meaning of value 100 kohm in your post
(measured,estimated...where,how  and so on).

Best Regards,


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