RE: MMCs, LTR coils, 45kv diodes and MOSFET flyback drivers


3DR3 is a lead oxide shielded HV rectifier for a large old black and white
t.v. and it only is good for a max of about 40mA I'm pretty sure with peak
current of 120mA or so.

- Joel

>	I have found more interesting items in the Mouser catalog.  They sell
>19.8kv, 22kv and 45kv diodes.  These are standard NTE replacement
>semiconductors.  NTE # 504, 505 and 513.  I do not know current ratings
>although I doubt they are very high.  Since it is NTE it should be no
>trouble to get the data sheet.  They also have NTE 522, 529, 531 and 538
>which are listed as Hi voltage multipliers.  They give no other specs.
>Does anybody know something about these?

I think they are TV rectifiers like I use to use in the good old days...  I
think they are very low current, like 10mA, but I really don't remember...