Re: alternative static spark gaps???

Kent and All,

Sorry about the delay in answering this post---I have spent the last week
recovering from major surgery.  Everything is OK now except for the pain pills
making me mentally slow, (slow to start with slower now :-).

Here goes with the carbon rods for gaps on your TC.

The theater I am associated with used carbon arc projectors with automatic
feeds. To get an arc we touch the rods together, they ignited and they
to "burn" as long as the dc current was supplied. In a spark gap with high
voltage ac current the carbon rods would attempt to ignite each time a gap is
passed.  This ignition would consume current and therefore reduce the overall
performance of the tank circuit. Most of the energy would be dissipated in the
form of heat.  (Carbon arc lamps get REAL hot and require special ventilation.)
This heat would also effect the proper quenching of the gaps.

The carbon rods will work, but not as well as brass or tungsten, (tungsten is
best).  Brass will require polishing and re-gapping after each use.

If you try carbon rods, make sure you use a light shield around the gaps. The
light will be very bright and will damage eyes. (there will probably be some UV
present also.)  Never look directly at a carbon rod discharge!

Regards to all and it's good to be back!

Cliff Fahrer
Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Kent & Kim Schaffer" <santoken-at-bright-dot-net>
> Cliff,
> So I guess what your saying is that those carbon electrodes I showed you
> won't work either?
> Kent