RE: MMCs, LTR coils, 45kv diodes and MOSFET flyback drivers

		Using a single string puts way too much current through the
caps.  They won't last long at all, you need to start with a smaller-valued
cap and use more strings in parallel to distribute the current.

		I've found that using a 2X mains-resonant cap gave a huge
performance boost over the "recommended" 1X value.

		Gary Lau
		Waltham, MA USA

		Original Poster: Bryan St <warp27-at-juno-dot-com> 

		Hello Everyone

			I have been thinking of constructing my first MMC
recentlly.  This MMC would be 20kv at 33nf, using a single string of 10 2kv
330nf metallized polyproplyene caps. The power supply is two parallel 7.5kv
30ma NSTs.  WinTesla says that my resonant cap match is 21.2 nf.  How will
the LTR cap affect streamers compared to a resonant cap?