To Steve Young et al...

Since you asked (but I was going to do it anyway), here a few
characteristics of my MOSFET t.c:

1.  Input voltage, 115VAC; output, 16-20" sparks (so far) variously
either from a 4" c.s.d. toroid to space or from that to a ground rod.

2.  Input current (so far), about 4A -at- about 50 sparks/sec.  Spark rate
variable from a hand-held "wand" from 1 at a time on up.

3.  Driver-- 24, 85A, 500V power MOSFETs electrically in push-pull
parallel, together driving the equivalent of 1 primary turn (in a
patent-applied-for circuit).  Soon to be increased to 48, then--if my
endurance holds out--to 72.  That will double, then treble the spark
length (and the input current for a given spark rate).  The primary is

4.  Maximum voltage, other than at the ~110 KHz output frequency, present
in the primary apparatus at any time with any quantity of MOSFETs & at
any rep. rate, 160V.  That's one hundred and sixty volts.  Safer for the

5.  Excitation frequency, always the instantaneous self-resonant
frequency of the secondary.  

6.  Secondary, about 1400T "pie"-wound -at- ~11T per pie.  Turn-turn
spacing, n.l.t. 0.1".  Wire, mostly18 AWG tinned Cu with some 14 AWG
phos.-bronze spring-wire for outer turns.

7.  Top electrode, currently 4" c.s.d. x 14" mean diameter.  In the next
few days to be increased to 5" c.s.d.  Material, Al flex-duct.

I hope before too long to peddle my plans for a pittance.  In the
meantime, I'd value hearing from anyone making something similar.  But
post it to the List!

Ken Herrick
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