Hello Coilers:

I just read a posting about winding secondaries on a lathe and
figured I might as well share my experience.  I turned some
hard maple blocks to put in the ends of the PVC coil form and
had some bolts thru them on centers to allow the chuck and
tailstock spindle to hold the form securely.  For feeding the
wire I mounted a teflon block on the toolpost that had a tiny
hole thru it for the wire.  I set the feed for the proper
threads per inch (taken from WinTesla) and wound away. I just
held the spool of wire in my hands with oven mits to give the
right amount of tention.  It took all of ten minutes to do
the job.  I left the coil in the lathe and applied the epoxy
resin with a small brush while it continued to turn.  Results
where great...nice tight coil, even turns, and well coated
with runless resin.

73, Weazle, VE3EAR/VE3WZL

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