Re: Responding to Malcolm Watts & Antonio de Queiroz


At least a few of us on this list would appreciate some details on your FET
driven TC.  
Probably you are one of the very few in the world who is able to get
significant sparks from a solid state TC.  So please go ahead and brag a
bit with technical details of how you are doing it.

--Steve Young
> I've noticed, with my FET-driven coil, that if I induce a spark to a good
> ground the secondary-voltage drop is very abrupt--just a few microseconds
> to zero v.  This is with a 4" c.s.d. x 14" o.d. toroid producing 14" or
> so sparks to nowhere in particular and 18-20" sparks to a ground rod. 
> <SNIP>
> Ken Herrick