Re: Capacitor!

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: Jon Rosenstiel <jonr-at-pacbell-dot-net>
> Ryan,
> Check  Wintesla again, if I enter 12000V and 0.030A I get 0.0066uF for the
> capacitor size, (for 60Hz).  Many orders of magnitude smaller, (and
> cheaper), than 0.7295uF!

	A word of warning.  If you use a so-called "matched capacitor" you will
have a series resonant circuit composed of the capacitor and the leakage
inductance of the secondary of the NST,  If you run this circuit
unloaded or with too large a spark gap, you will probably have a
transformer and/or capacitor failure due to insulation breakdown.  The
secondary voltage of your transformer will almost certainly rise to well
over 20,000 volts and the insulation can't take that for very long.  For
safety's sake,  always set your gap so that it "just breaks down" with
the gap across the secondary and nothing else hooked to it.


P.S.  There's nothing "magic" about the "matched capacitor".