Re: Capacitor! (Ok, ok...)

At 11:46 10/11/99 -0700, you wrote:

.  I saw some equations on a site that concurred with
>what a guy told me in a message that the correct value for a 12/30 NST is
>.0066uf.   So anyway, if anyone has capacitors around that value (or
>anything that would work, I would like to get this thing working sometime
>soon. :)), and wants to sell them, my original plea still stands. :)

Hi Ryan,All,
	I have two "fair radio" caps for sale  for what they cost me, plus postage
from the UK. I have only used them for a few minutes before jumping on the
mmc bandwagon.They cost me 87 dollars each. If anyone is interested let me
know off list please.

cheers bob golding