Re: Believe it or not!

To Reinhard and All,

Please allow me to state that I totally agree with what Reinhard
wrote below.  I have "snipped" the content for brevity.  Thank
you Reinhard, for a well thought-out dissertation!

Bill Wysock.

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> Hi All,
> I think the *true* problem lies somewhere else. No
> amount of talking or warning on this List will do much
> good esp. for our public image. I think ~90% of the
> people on this list DO indeed know what they are doing,
> at least to some degree. This, however, doesn't help the
> *inexperienced* "kid" next door (cause he is not on this
> List) who saw the show on TV. 


> This is also a reason, why I think live shows, like Jeff Parisse,
> Bill Wysock, Doc R, etc, etc, put on, are MUCH better for our
> public image. These guys KNOW what they are doing and I am
> sure they warn about the dangers, every time they put on such
> a show. But even here there are problems.


> All I can say is: stay safe, don't get careless and if not sure about
> something ASK (the List or the pros) BEFORE doing it. Lastly,
> Coiler greets from Germany,
> Reinhard
Tesla Technology Research