Re: Capacitor!

Check  Wintesla again, if I enter 12000V and 0.030A I get 0.0066uF for the
capacitor size, (for 60Hz).  Many orders of magnitude smaller, (and
cheaper), than 0.7295uF!

I'd recommend building your first capacitor,(s). My first home made cap
didn't last more than 5 minutes because of dumb errors on my part. My next
cap, (flat plate),  required even more time and labor but it when it worked
I was thrilled! It took everything that my variac could throw at it and
didn't even break a sweat! Then I made some rolled caps of extended foil
construction and they worked great also! Now I have some MMC jobbers to
Anyway, the thrill of building and seeing those first capacitors actually
work was an experience that I'm glad that I had.


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> Hey.  My first Tesla coil (my first high-voltage project at all) is slowly
> starting to take form.  I am using a 12kV/30mA neon transformer, and
> WinTesla recommends a 0.7295uF capacitor for such a transformer.  If
> else on the list has access to a capacitor of that magnitude, and you want
> to sell it, please keep me in mind. :)   (I'm hoping I won't have to pay
> too much for it, I'm a 17 year-old high-school student. :))
> Thanks,
>      Ryan